"I have reviewed hundreds of reports,
and I must say your's was on the top
of the list for professionalism. I am
sure the sellers wish you were not
so thorough."

...Jim Parker (Electrical Contractor)
About Us
We are a family owned and operated company founded in 2003. We are ASHI and CREIA certified inspectors. We carry Error’s and Omission insurance along with a General Liability policy. We offer computerized reporting with lots of digital pictures that can be viewed online and/or traditional hard copies. As a general rule, we only book two inspections a day to provide the inspector with ample time to inspect and for client interaction. We provide a complete and thorough analysis of the property at a reasonable price. 

A Word to the Wise...
When calling for a home inspection, most people will ask: "How much does it cost for an inspection?" Often times, shopping price is not the best way to qualify an Inspection company. While it may be advantageous to find a bargain priced inspection company, the result can be costly. Is it worth saving $50-$100 on the inspection that may potentially cost you thousands of dollars in a missed problem? Probably not. You should be asking the questions mentioned on this web page to qualify inspection companies, including ours.

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