Now we feel that we know everything about the house. Lots of details. Very thorough.
                                            ...Jean-Pierre S.
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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please take a moment to complete the attached survey below to provide feedback so we can better serve you. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. The survey is confidential, however if you would like to share your comments with us and allow us to use them in our promotional advertising, please check the appropriate box and leave us a comment with your information. Thanks for choosing Schultz Property Inspection.

Please rate the inspector on a scale of "1" to "5" using "1" as POOR and "5" as EXCELLENT.

How would you rate your inspector's preparedness and professionalism?:
How well did your inspector handle the entire inspection process?:
How well did the inspector educate you about the property?:
How well did your inspector respond to your needs and questions?:
How well did your inspector provide you with the knowledge you needed to make an informed decision on the property?:
Please rate how likely you would be to recommend the inspector to your friends and family?:
Please rate the inspection report overall as far as ease of understanding and information:
Please rate your overall customer service including scheduling appointments:
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